Parties to decide on logo or name for insertion in voter booklet

Two Fijian political parties have indicated that the inclusion of their party logos looks like the preferred option to be included in the Voter Instruction Booklet for the 2022 General Elections ahead of Friday’s deadline for submission.

Fiji’s eight registered political parties have been given until Friday to inform the Fijian Elections Office whether they would prefer party names or logo to be included in the voting instruction booklet that is provided to voters on election day.

The voter instruction booklet contains the list of all candidates and their numbers, and is the only material that voters are permitted to take into the polling station when casting their votes.

People’s Alliance general secretary Sakiasi Ditoka and Unity Fiji leader Savenaca Narube have said that they would prefer the inclusion of their respective party logos given that their supporters would be able to identify them easily.

“We haven’t informed the elections office of which one we prefer, but in my view, we would prefer the party logo because it’s pictorial, people that may not be able to see the name or read the names, but they have the party symbol,” Narube said.

National Federation Party general secretary Seini Nabou said she would need to consult the party first but added that either option works for them.

“The law now requires that the Supervisor of Elections may place either the party symbol or the party name or any other information as approved by the SOE in the Voter Instruction Booklet,” a recent FEO statement read.

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