Oxygen Centres Open in 11 Health Facilities

11 medical centres are now equipped to handle more cases of children who present themselves suffering from pneumonia and neo-natal illnesses.

Speaking at a workshop which looked at ways to help children’s health, Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Dr Jemesa Tudravu said the equipment was a great relief to have given the rising number of illnesses found with these complications.

Dr Tudravu thanked Cure Kids Fiji and other relevant stakeholders for the idea of the Fiji Oxygen Program.

“Our records indicate that severe pneumonia and neonatal illnesses stand as the leading causes of child mortality in Fiji, and each year, over 200 children under the age of 5 succumb to pneumonia and neonatal illnesses.”

“The primary objective of the Fiji Oxygen Program has been to guarantee standardized and enduring access to oxygen for patients across all tiers of healthcare facilities throughout Fiji. To facilitate this, support has been provided for the installation of solar panels at 11 locations to ensure a reliable power source for oxygen delivery systems.”

Apart from installing these new additions at the health facilities, the program has also included specialised trained staff.

“In addition, 11 staff members of the Program are now integrated into the Ministry as established staff of the Ministry, and dedicated for the program. The Fiji Oxygen Programme is committed to coordinating efforts to supply oxygen and improve its accessibility for patients across Fiji.”

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