Nurses Pay Adjustments to be Finalised this Month; Claims of Bias and Discrimination Against Nurses to be Addressed

The Ministry of Health is ready to finalise with the Fiji Nurses Association the salary adjustments.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Health stated that the process took longer than expected to ensure all eligible nurses were ‘correctly and fairly’ processed.

“The Ministry confirms that addressing all the salary adjustments that the Government has approved for nurses working in the Ministry has taken time and this has been necessary to ensure that the adjustments are done correctly and fairly for all eligible nurses.”

“Officials from the Association and the Ministry have consulted over the last few weeks to verify employment histories of nurses and facilitate the approved salary adjustments.

The statement confirmed that all adjustments should be completed by June and allegations of bias and misconduct towards nurses would be addressed through the proper channels.

“A meeting held on Tuesday 11 June 2024 between the Association representatives and Ministry officials has further clarified the progress thus far, and the pending salary adjustments to be made. It is anticipated that all salary adjustments will be completed in June 2024.”

“The Ministry also confirms that all allegations of bias and misconduct towards nurses will be addressed appropriately through the existing Civil Service Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure and the Open Merit Recruitment System processes.”

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