Novotel and The Pearl are quarantine facilities: Health

Novotel in Lami and The Pearl at Pacific Harbour have been declared quarantine facilities, Fiji’s Ministry of Health confirms.

The confirmation comes after residents of Lami expressed concerns following claims that COVID-19 patients were housed at the Novotel. The residents also wanted to know why so because they were of the view that only hotels and motels in Suva were earmarked for this as per a Fijian Government earlier statement.

Responding to Mai TV, the ministry did not say why the Lami or the Pacific Harbour-based hotels have been in assigned as quarantine facilities only reaffirming the news and reassured that “a quarantine corridor protocol has been sorted to safely and hygienically move cases to these quarantine facilities.”

As of Tuesday 18 May, the ministry had identified and placed in quarantine, 8.094 contacts of positive individuals – of which 7,888 were identified during the 4-day Suva-Nausori lockdown and 260 housed at the border quarantine facilities.

Also, at the time, two community isolation facilities were operational with 78 individuals. The border quarantine facilities housed 407 of which 147 are overseas returnees.

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