No more trekking through the rugged terrain

Trekking through rugged terrain for hours by foot to catch public transport will soon be over for villagers of Nakida in the district of Nagonenicolo, Naitasiri after the completion of a new road linking them to Nawaisomo Village.

Acting Minister for Infrastructure Dr. Ifereimi Waqainabete toured the new road to see first-hand the progress of works on the ground.

With the completion of the pilot cut phase, current works include the graveling of the road.

No more do they have to carry the sick on bamboo rafts or punts to the nearest health centre in Nakorosule — a journey which at times can take more than two hours.

For the women and their children attending health clinics, the new road will mean a 20-minute bumpy ride to Nakorosule — avoiding the risk of traveling down the Waicakena River.

Dr. Waqainabete met up with villagers while visiting the project who acknowledged the Government for the road development which will benefit the people of Nakida.

Nakida village is one of the villages in the Tikina of Nagonenicolo, Wainimala, and is located in the interior of Naitasiri. It is one of the inaccessible villages in Fiji with potential for food crops, yaqona, forestry, and other related business.

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