No More Salusalu for Occasions with me – Agriculture Minister tells Staff

Fiji’s Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu gave a Ministerial directive to his staff that he was to no longer be garlanded with a salusalu at any function at his ministry.

Before opening the re-launching of the National Drainage Board in Suva, Rayalu gave this directive straight after being garlanded before he opened the meeting.

“This must stop. I am no longer new to you. We come from the same ministry, it’s been over a year now. I don’t want salusalu’s to be prepared anymore.”

Three elaborate garlands were prepared for Minister Rayalu, Assistant Minister Tomasi Tuinabuna and Permanent Secretary Dr Andrew Tukana.

In the previous administration, the issue of garlands had been a cause of concern with the hefty prices that they cost.

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