No Halt in Kava Exports: Fiji Ministry of Trade

Fiji’s Ministry of Trade denies recent claims about a temporary suspension of Kava exports following the discovery of illicit drugs in kava packs.

In a statement, Deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica said the claims are unfounded and inaccurate, emphasising the separation of the issues and asserting that there is no such directive from the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji to halt exports.

“While we are committed to combatting illicit drugs, this in no way undermines the integrity of our exports, especially kava exports from Fiji, which go through several layers of checks by the industry and the competent authorities in Fiji,” Kamikamica said. “The respective authorities are diligently carrying out their responsibilities to maintain the highest standards of product safety and security.”

Kamikamica further urged all stakeholders to refrain from spreading misinformation and encouraged the general public and stakeholders to only listen to official sources of information and contact the ministry if further clarifications are needed.

“The Ministry remains committed to supporting Fiji’s Kava industry and ensuring the continued success of our agricultural exports.”

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