New excavation regulations following landslides

Premila Kumar

All excavation works will require consultation with municipal Councils and the Housing Authority before any work is carried out.

The Ministry of Housing and Community Development has given the directive as most homes were affected from landslides and the heavy rain during the week.

The ministry had looked into homes that were prone to landslides and immediately advised to relocate.

Minister Premila Kumar says it is important to adhere to the relevant regulations in place to avoid any risks to the people and future developments.

“We had to consult the engineers of the Housing Authority of Fiji and after we consulted them, we discovered that the initial lot was bought in 2004 with a safe slope cut on the hill side.”

“The lot was later resold in 2016 and upon inspection by Nasinu Town Council in 2017, the safe slope cut was removed and a straight cut was made to the cliff to reclaim around 5 meters of land,” Kumar said.

Kumar strongly urged that all necessary approvals should be met with the relevant authorities before any excavation works are carried out.

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