New Bill Proposes Equitable Financing Framework to Safeguard Cultural Heritage

Fiji’s Ministry of iTaukei Affairs will soon embark on a nationwide consultation on the draft Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expression Bill 2023.

This initiative, led by IP lawyer Eliesa Tuiloma, aims to enhance Fiji’s intellectual property landscape and protect its rich cultural heritage.

The draft Bill, the ministry says is a significant addition to Fiji’s intellectual property regime, providing legal protection to traditional knowledge and cultural expressions, aiming to preserve and promote these alongside modern developments.

One key aspect of the draft Bill is the establishment of an equitable financing framework, ensuring fair compensation for the use of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.

“We are embarking on a pivotal journey, guided by the wisdom and expertise of Mr Tuiloma. The draft Bill promises to herald a new chapter where the rich cultural heritage of our nation finds a harmonious space within the modern intellectual property sphere,” Minister for iTaukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu said.

Tuiloma will lead the consultations, the schedule for which is still being drawn up.

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