Negligence probe in death of 2 toddlers, and 16% burns on another

Police are investigating elements of negligence in three separate incidents that killed two toddlers and hospitalised another recently.

Dead are a one-year-old boy in Bua and a one-year-old girl in Rakiraki and the third, also one year of age, but stays in Lautoka, sustained 16% burns and is admitted at the Lautoka Hospital.

“Parents and guardians are urged to please supervise their children at all times and ensure that all hazards are removed from within their reach to avoid such unfortunate incidents,” Fiji Police said in a statement.

In Waidranudranu, Bua, Police said the one-year-old boy died after he allegedly sat on a hot pot of food that was left unattended inside their home on Sunday morning. He was taken to the Nabouwalu Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

In another incident recorded last week, a 1-year old girl was found submerged in a bucket of water at Naivuvuni village in Rakiraki. She was taken to Rakiraki Hospital where she was resuscitated and later transferred to the Lautoka Hospital. She died over the weekend.

Also in Lautoka, a one-year-old boy sustained burns after a hot cup of water placed on the table by his mother allegedly fell on him. He is admitted to the Lautoka Hospital.

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