NDMO urges public to take precaution amid adverse weather warnings

Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office is advising the public to be vigilant and take precautionary measures in light of adverse weather warnings and alert issued by the Fiji Met office.

A heavy rain warning is in place for Vanua Levu, Taveuni and nearby smaller islands, the Lau and Lomaiviti groups.

In Vanua Levu, a number of roads have been closed and deemed unsafe for use by the Fiji Roads Authority because of flooding.

The current condition is brought on by a trough of low pressure that lies slow moving over the northern and eastern parts of the country, the impact of which will spread to the rest of Fiji later today.

Consequently a heavy rain alert is in force for the rest of the Fiji group.

  • Advice to the General Public
    • Watch for rapidly rising water
    • Children are not to swim in flooded rivers or waters.
    • Motorists can expect poor visibility on roads in areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms.
    • Store drinking water in sealed plastic containers as water supply may be interrupted.
    • In an event where there is flooding, pedestrians and motorists are advised to refrain from crossing flooded roads, footpaths and rivers.
    • Move household items to higher ground and secure objects that could float and cause damage
    • In the event of a landslide, avoid going to places affected by debris flow
  • Emergency contacts
    • 917 for Police
    • 913 for EFL
    • 5720 for FRA
    • 5777 for WAF

Status of Roads in the North

Labasa   – Naduna Road – Nakama Crossing – Nasarava Road – Nasarava Crossing – Bulileka Road – Konsami Crossing/Dreketilailai – Waidamudamu Road – Tabia Road – Tabia Crossing – Soisoi Road RP 380 – Delaikoro Road – Nasaqa Crossing – Coqeloa Temple Road – Coqeloa Road – Qeleimumu Crossing – Urata Road – Urata Crossing – Qawa Road – Qawa Crossing – Boca Loop – UnderwaterNatua and Nabouwalu   – Dagau Road – Dagau Crossing – Namuavoivoi Road – Nabilodra Crossing – Zailav Road – Zailav Crossing – Buavou Road – Buavou Crossing – Navidamu Road – RP 8307 Underwater – Narailagi Road – Narailagi Crossing – Lalakoro Road – Lalakoro Crossing – Vunimako Road – RP 386 Underwater – Naqumu Road – Naqumu Crossing – Drawa Road – Drawa Crossing  -Kawakawavesi Road- Kawakawavesi Crossing – Vatukoula Road – Vatukoula Crossing
Savusavu   Bagata Crossing   Taveuni/Rabi   All roads are open to traffic at the moment.
Status of Roads in the North

Main Photo: Naqumu Crossing on Naqumu Road in the northern division closed due to flooding. Courtesy of: Fiji Roads Authority

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