NCF Sponsors Gospel Song of the Year at FIPRA Awards

Fiji’s New Methodist Christian Fellowship (NCF) has once again partnered with FIPRA, contributing $5000 towards the Gospel Song of the Year category at the awards ceremony happening in Suva this weekend.

This marks the sixth consecutive year of NCF’s sponsorship.

Laisa Vulakoro of FIPRA, gratefully acknowledged the importance of music in their worship and expressed her appreciation for the continuous support received from NCF. She also highlighted the challenges of finding sponsors for the Gospel and Hindi categories.

Elijah Vulaono, speaking on behalf of NCF, stressed the significance of sponsoring the Gospel category, noting that music holds a pivotal role in Fiji in Christian worship.

“We have a responsibility to support our fellow artists who provide us with gospel music,” Vulaono stated. He further stated that a considerable percentage of denominations rely on gospel music, making it essential to reciprocate the support and appreciation shown by the community.

Echoing Vulaono’s sentiments, SP Emosi Davetanivalu of NCF expressed gratitude for the efforts of FIPRA in promoting gospel music and its profound impact on worship.

“By utilising the hard work of gospel artists, we enhance our worship experience and share the message of Jesus Christ’s goodness with all Fijians.”

The forthcoming awards ceremony, set to take place on Saturday, May 13, at Suva’s Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH), will feature 14 categories. These include recognition for the best iTaukei, English, and Hindi songs, as well as accolades for hip-hop, recording engineering, and the most popular song and music video. Artists such as the Yanu Boys, Natalie Raikadroka, Drix, V5, Navitomi Advent Singers, The West Fiji, and Josa are among the nominees.

A panel of judges will evaluate the entries based on originality, lyrics, composition, likeability, and production quality. However, for the most popular song and music video categories, the public will have the opportunity to cast their votes through online platforms, accessible via FIPRA’s Facebook page. Voting commenced on April 28 and will conclude on May 12.

Tickets for this event are available for purchase at the GPH reception desk and FIPRA’s office located at 66 McGregor Road in Suva.

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