National Federation Party Fires Back: Denounces Allegations by Tabuya as Baseless

The National Federation Party (NFP), the second major party in Fiji’s 3-party Coalition Government, has strongly refuted allegations leveled by Lynda Tabuya, Minister for Women, Children, and Social Protection and chair of the Emoluments Review Committee.

The allegations, among others, accuse NFP Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Professor Biman Prasad of spreading falsehoods, and potentially defaming individuals.

In a statement, the NFP denounced the allegations as baseless, asserting that they were primarily aimed at tarnishing Professor Prasad’s reputation and deflecting attention from substantive issues.

Tabuya’s accusations that she shared with certain media organisations stemming from last Friday’s controversial vote on parliamentary remuneration, have been met with a resolute denial from the party’s quarters calling it “for the most part false, possibly defamatory and in some cases breach cabinet confidentiality.”

NFP has also condemned Tabuya’s conduct as a breach of the Coalition Agreement binding the parties in government, branding it as “unbecoming of a Cabinet Minister.”

In a bid to address the matter, NFP has signaled its intention to raise concerns with the People’s Alliance Party.”

“Professor Prasad cannot respond to those allegations without also breaching cabinet confidentiality – which he will not do,” NFP stated.

Tabuya, in her defense, contends that her response was necessitated by NFP’s criticisms of the parliamentary process and the Emoluments Committee.

NFP’s MPs did not vote in favour of the committee’s recommendation, which suggested generally increasing salaries and benefits for certain political office holders including MPs, the Speaker, and the President. The report was presented, debated, and voted on during the May 20-24, 2024 parliamentary sitting.

The controversial vote has also seemingly caused a rift within Fiji’s opposition caucus FijiFirst after 16 of their MPs allegedly voted against party directives. According to the party, their MPs were instructed to vote against the salary increases.

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