Movement restrictions in 2 villages in North as typhoid cases surge

Fiji’s Ministry of Health recorded a resurgence of typhoid cases in the Cakaudrove Medical Sub-Division, as such imposed movement restrictions in two villages where cases have been reported.

As of today, a total of six (6) cases have been confirmed across Waivunia Village in Nasavusavu and Natua Village in Wailevu West.

Signs and symptoms of typhoid common in the six confirmed cases are high temperatures, headache, general aches and pains, and constipation, the ministry said in a statement.

“The Ministry of Health & Medical Services wishes to advise members of the public to report to your nearest health center or medical facility if experiencing any of these signs and symptoms.”

Movement restrictions in Waivunia, for the sixth day, going, and at Natua village for the third day going, are part of containment measures implemented by the Cakaudrove Sub-Divisional Outbreak Response Team (SDORT) to curb further outbreaks.

Apart from the restriction of movement in these two (2) villages, other containment measures include isolation and management of positive cases; fever screening with the use of thermal guns at the village checkpoint which is manned 24/7; distribution of WASH Kits for immediate families.

Villagers have also been advised against social gatherings, and encouraged to practice handwashing practices as authorities continue community awareness, contact tracing, blood sampling on the ground as well as testing of water samples in both villages. The two villages have their own untreated water supplies.

The SDORT also comprises police officers, Tyfive NGO, and the Cakaudrove Provincial Council.

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