Motorist grabs and drags police officer about 100m, causing injuries

A police officer based at the Nadi station sustained injuries after a driver grabbed him by the arm and held on as he drove off for about 100 metres.

The incident has prompted Acting Police Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu to issue a stern warning to the public that any attacks on officers will not be taken lightly.

According to police, the driver aged 34 years was stopped by the officer “after acting suspiciously” along Uciwai Road in Nadi. It was then that the driver grabbed the officer.

“The officer sustained injuries to both his knees and arms and was taken to the Nadi Hospital. The driver was later arrested and is currently in custody. The Head of the Institution said officers are merely executing their duties and working hard to ensure the safety and security of all Fijians in what has been demanding a period of operations, and everyone’s support is needed for us to see this period through,” Tudravu said.

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