More Fijians depart for work in Australia

Almost 200 Fijians departed Fiji today for Australia to start work under the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS).

The 182 Fijians will take up positions in the agriculture industry across New South Wales. 

In a statement, the Australian Embassy in Fiji said today’s flight is the single largest cohort of workers from any Pacific country to date, recognises the special relationship between the two countries.

“The PLS helps address workforce shortages in rural and regional Australia, while providing opportunities for Fijian workers to gain experience, earn an income and send remittances home to support their families and communities,” the statement read. “Fijian workers are highly valued by Australians and their employers.” 

Acting Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, Anna Dorney, said the Fijian PLS workers’ “efforts will be highly valued both in Fiji and in Australia” and wishes the workers “all the best of luck on your journey”.

 The group that left today are in addition to the 172 Fijian workers who departed on 25 November 2020.

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