Mission heads unite in childhood cancer fight

Five heads of missions to Fiji shaved their heads last Friday in Suva to raise awareness for childhood cancer in the country in an event which collected $10,000 more than its initial target.

Shaved their heads to raise funds and show solidarity with those suffering from the illness were British Deputy High Commissioner Paul Welsh, Australian High Commissioner John Feakes, United States Ambassador Joseph Cella, French Ambassador Jean-Francois Fitou and New Zealand High Commissioner Jonathan Curr.

The heads of mission raised $40,000 at the event, held at the NZ High Commission’s residence, all of which to support the work of Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji. 

Curr said the gesture shown by his colleagues and the support from the community was immense.

“It’s really important that we come together to help these children and their families, battle and beat cancer, collectively. Though we might be representing different countries, it doesn’t mean that we can’t come together and collaborate in Fiji. It’s taken a lot of work on social media to sort of try and generate interest in the schools and to encourage people to join.”

New Zealand High Commissioner Jonathan Curr

When asked about shaving his head Curr replied : “I’m a little bit apprehensive, the fun to be honest, I’m expecting to feel the cold a little bit more than I’m used to. So that’s why I have my hat in my hand and it’s ready to go.”

Feakes shared similar sentiments.

“I can’t imagine anything worse than having a child that has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s important that during this COVID pandemic that we not lose sight as some of the other devastating illnesses which afflict populations around the world and in this case Fiji.”

Australian High Commissioner John Feakes

Commending his fellow colleagues: “Well I take my hat off to them. I regularly shave my hair so it’s no big deal for me but you’ll notice Jonathan Curr  and the American ambassador have very fine heads of hair. It’s quite an undertaking for them. It indicates how committed they are to this cause and  it’s very little thing that we can do for the children.”

US Ambassador Cella also paid tribute to the Marines who served in the region during World War II.

“It’s also a part of my colleagues and myself who have had loved ones passed away from cancer, so it’s near and dear to our hearts as well.”

US Ambassador Joseph Cella

WOWS Kids Fiji foundation currently cares for 71 little champs and their families. Last year 16 children lost their lives to cancer in Fiji.

WOWS Kids Fiji is a non-profit Charity Foundation for children with cancer in Fiji and also provides support for children living with cancer in the Pacific.

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