Ministry of Education Boosts Salaries and Grants Permanent Posts to Teachers

Fiji’s Ministry of Education is increasing salaries for 35% of its workforce and granting permanent positions to over 70% of teachers who previously served in an acting capacity in both teaching and non-teaching roles nationwide.

In making the announcement today, Minister for Education Viliame Gavoka extended his appreciation to the teachers’ unions noting the changes stem from “several discussions and deliberations which were very informative, positive and forward-thinking.”

A total of 4884 officers comprising 739 Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers, 3993 assistant teachers, and 152 non-teaching officers will experience salary step movements, starting from pay six. This first phase of adjustments follows guidelines provided by MCS.

Out of the 1958 officers who have been juggling both teaching and non-teaching roles, 1420 officers, effective today, now enjoy permanent positions.

“Some of these officers have been Acting in various positions, for over 20 years, and we are pleased that through the Policy Direction of the Coalition Government, we are able to positively reward our loyal officers,” Gavoka said adding that the ministry will work towards filling other vacant spots.

“This regularisation and step-up salary adjustment is the first step in acknowledging their exemplary service and reaffirms the Coalition government’s commitment to valuing and investing in education as a cornerstone for national development. I remain steadfast in our collaborative mission to uphold the highest standards of Education and support educators in their vital role of shaping the future of our nation.”

Photo: Image by freepik

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