Medicinal Cannabis Exports Earnings to Reduce Deficit

Fiji could potentially earn up to an estimated annual return of $140 million from Medicinal Cannabis, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade Manoa Kamikamica.

He added that this revenue would be generated exclusively through exports, and it would not affect the domestic prohibition or legality of cannabis cultivation, distribution, or abuse within the country.

Kamikamica said that these earnings would help offset Fiji’s trade balance and reduce its deficit. Both local and overseas investors have committed nearly $100 million to kickstart the project.

To facilitate this initiative, a task force comprising the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of i-Taukei Affairs, Biosecurity, Police, and Investment Fiji will undertake a feasibility study. They will also propose amendments to existing legislation and conduct nationwide consultations on medicinal marijuana.

“Government is encouraging a collective effort to amplify and encourage valuable contributions to achieve this vision. The Government wants to see this initiative not only promote diversification in the economy but also unlock potential and generate new avenues for growth and Fiji,” Kamikamica said.

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