Man, 32, get over eight years for rape of stepdaughter

A 32-year-old man who sexually assaulted and raped his stepdaughter on two different occasions at their home in Ovalau two years ago, because the victim “was always the reason” for the couple’s fights and because his wife would refuse him sex, has been sentenced to more than eight years behind bars.

Court documents show that the victim is the wife’s daughter from a previous relationship. At the time of the offense, she was 11 and had only been living with the couple for two years.

She was raised by her grandparents until she started class four when she moved in with the couple.

The first incident happened in September 2020, when he sexually assaulted the victim. The second time happened the following month, on a Sunday while his wife was away in Suva and other family members were at church, he sexually assaulted the victim before raping her.

The court heard that the man said he carried out these acts to give him comfort.

Sentencing him at a high court in Suva this week, Justice Kulatunga said children are entitled to live their lives free from any form, of physical or emotional abuse.

“When family members sexually abuse children violating the Domestic Violence Act, they should not expect any mercy from [the] court.”

Prior to the sentencing, the man had been in remand since September last year. He was sentenced to eight years and six months and is not eligible for parole until he has served six years and six months.

The court also imposed permanent non-molestation and non-contact orders to protect the victim.

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