LTA warns against travelling during adverse conditions

Fiji’s Land Transport Authority of Fiji (LTA) is warning drivers to be cautious when driving, in light of adverse weather conditions affecting the country.

LTA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Irimaia Rokosawa, said that in the past, some motorists have travelled out during unfavourable weather conditions and in the process, have either attempted to cross flooded rivers and waterways without much success or gotten stranded.

“Despite several warnings from the Fiji Meteorological Office and other authorities, we have seen that some drivers have put themselves in harm’s way driving during bad weather,” Rokosawa said.

“Heavy rainfall can create potentially disastrous situations for drivers and as a result, they must not take such warnings lightly, especially if they are planning for a long-distance journey. Please do not unnecessarily risk your lives.”

Rokosawa added that drivers must exercise common sense and responsible behaviour at all times and only venture out if it is an absolute emergency.

“However, if you are ever caught in a situation where you are unable to see clearly as a result of the rain or the path ahead is flooded, do the smart thing, turn around, head to a safe place, and wait out weather. Postpone your travel to a time when it is safe to do so because, at the end of the day, you want to be able to arrive at your destination to your loved ones, safely.”

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