LTA orders Tacirua bus off the road

Land Transport Authority of Fiji has deemed “unroadworthy” a Tacirua Transport Limited bus that ploughed into a house in Tacirua yesterday.

The bus company has since been issued with a defect order to keep the vehicle off the road until they have addressed mechanical issues raised by the LTA.

An inspection by LTA, found that the bus’ mechanical handbrake was “inoperative” which LTA Chief Executive Officer Samuel Simpson  regarded “a serious failure of Tacirua Transport’s maintenance system.”

 “Furthermore, the driver failed to carry out any pre-service checks before taking the bus on the road – an essential safety measure to ensure the safety and security of the passengers you are carrying,” Simpson said.

“Our first and foremost commitment is to the safety of Fijians. It is exceedingly irresponsible for a bus operator to allow an unroadworthy vehicle on the road. No one has the right to play with the lives of Fijians because of sheer negligence, or an unwillingness to spend time and money.”

Simpson said all public service operators owe it to their passengers, as well as the general public, to properly maintain their vehicles and take all the necessary safety requirements seriously.

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