Limited production and targeted: RBF says of new $0.88 note

No new $0.88 numismatic banknotes will be entering circulation, says Fiji’s central bank adding that it has been created for sale targeting the Chinese and wider Asian market.

In a statement released this hour, the Reserve Bank of Fiji said a limited supply of the banknote was produced in partnership with reputable companies and entities for purchase by collectors and enthusiasts.

Over the last three years, the RBF generated over $8 million in income through the sale of such banknotes and coins, complementing the bank’s income.

The initiative, the RBF says is a common practice and is among the hundreds of non-circulation numismatic currencies that it has produced since 1974.

“The practice is similar to that of stamp production, whereby hobbyists can purchase the banknotes and coins for their collections. In this instance, the numismatic banknote with a face value of $0.88 has been created for sale targeted at the Chinese and wider Asian market.

Previous numismatic banknotes and coins covered themes such as Christmas, landmarks, celebrities such as musicians, and fauna like the birds of Fiji, all of which have been an important income stream for the RBF.

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