Lautoka hostel students remain in school

Hostel students caught within the monitored Greater Lautoka Area will remain in school despite that all the schools in the area have been closed indefinitely as part of containment measures against COVI-19.

A statement from the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts confirms that 91 schools have shut down since midnight Thursday March 19.

“Students of the three boarding schools who have not been picked up by their parents will remain in the hostels”.

The schools within the restricted movement zone begins from the Kings road at Nacilau junction past Matawalu village, Ba to feeder road at Vakabuli junction, to the Queens road at Natalau junction to Nadi. 

This measure has been enforced to ensure the safety of students to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Lautoka.

Schools outside the COVID-19 restricted movement zone go on Term 1 break from Monday March 23.


Below are the schools affected by the lockdown:

  1. Lautoka Methodist Primary School
  2. Lautoka Primary School
  3. Lautoka Muslim Primary School
  4. Lautoka Andhra Sangam Primary School
  5. Lautoka Central Primary School
  6. Jasper Williams Primary School
  7. Lovu Sangam Primary School
  8. Natabua Primary School
  9. St Thomas Primary School
  10. Drasa Primary School
  11. Gandhi Bhawan Primary School
  12. Gurukul Primary School
  13. Lautoka Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School
  14. Lautoka Delana Primary School
  15. Saru MGM Primary School
  16. Vuda District School
  17. Amichandra Memorial School
  18. Drasa Avenue School
  19. Lautoka Arya Samaj Primary School
  20. Lautoka Zhong Hua Primary School
  21. Sunshine Special School
  22. Lautoka School for Sp.Ed
  23. Raviravi Sangam Primary School
  24. Tavarau Primary School
  25. Viseisei Primary School
  26. Vitogo District School
  27. Drasa Muslim Primary School
  28. Dreketi Sangam School
  29. Lololo Primary School
  30. Lomolomo Public School
  31. Qalitu Primary School
  32. Teidamu Primary School
  33. Tuvu Primary School
  34. Shri Ram Govind Memorial Primary School
  35. Ratu Saimoni Raseru Memorial School
  36. Vakabuli Primary School
  37. Deshbandhu Vitogo School
  38. Wairabetia Muslim Primary School
  39. Lautoka SDA Primary School
  40. Sathya Sai School
  41. Natabua high school
  42. Drasa Secondary
  43. Jasper High School
  44. Lautoka Muslim College
  45. Lautoka Central College
  46. Tilak High School
  47. Ba Provinicial College
  48. St Thomas High
  49. Pandit Vishnu Deo
  50. Lautoka Andhra College
  51. Sathya Sai Kindergarten
  52. Wairabetia Velovelo Kindergarten
  53. Koroipita Kindergarten
  54. Dreketi Sangam Kindergarten School
  55. Lautoka Delana Primary School Kindergarten
  56. Lautoka Arya Samaj Kindergarten
  57. Taiperia Methodist Pre School
  58. New Generation Early Learning Centre
  59. Vio Kindergarten
  60. Lovu Hart Kindergarten
  61. Lautoka School for Special Education Early Childhood Centre
  62. Deshbandhu Kindergarten
  63. St Thomas Kindergarten
  64. Vuda Kindergarten
  65. Gurukul Kindergarten
  66. Nadi Mandir Kindergarten
  67. Lautoka Methodist Kindergarten
  68. Talimul Islam Kindergarten
  69. Lovu Sangam Kindergarten
  70. Drasa Kindergarten
  71. Lautoka Baptist Church Kindergarten
  72. Field 40 Kindergarten
  73. Vitogo Kindergarten School
  74. Wairabetia Muslim Kindergarten
  75. F S C Kindergarten
  76. Amichandra Kindergarten
  77. Drasa Muslim Kindergarten
  78. Lololo Kindergarten
  79. Lomolomo Kindergarten
  80. Veseisei Kindergarten
  81. Early Childhood Public Education Centre
  82. Vakabuli Early Childhood School
  83. Lauwaki Kindergarten
  84. Gandhi Bhawan Kindergarten
  85. Zanana Kindergarten
  86. Raviravi Sangam Kindergarten
  87. Arya Samaj Natabua Kindergarten
  88. Lautoka Sanatan Kindergarten
  89. Vakabuli Kindergarten
  90. Jasper Williams Primary School Kindergarten
  91. Lomolomo Village Kindergarten

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