Insufficient Rainfall Prompts Extended Water Restrictions

Heavy rainfall in Fiji’s central division over the weekend provided some relief, but it was not enough to replenish the water sources, prompting the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to extend water restrictions in the Lami-Suva-Nausori corridor.

In an official statement, WAF Chief Operating Officer, Seru Soderberg, said, “The rainfall event recorded in Suva and Nausori was not sufficient to replenish the raw water source and underground aquifers that supply water into the Waimanu River and Savura Creek.”

Residents in the affected area are prohibited from using water for various activities, including washing cars, watering plants and gardens, irrigating new turf, topping up swimming pools, and washing hard surfaces such as driveways and footpaths.

WAF is also taking measures to manage water resources effectively during this period of low rainfall, including rationing water in the Upper Tovata areas and prioritising leakage repairs.

Photo: Waimanu River/File

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