Initiate Dialogue on 2013 Constitution: Tikoduadua Urges Lawyers

Lawyers gathered at the Fiji Law Society’s annual convention, that starts today in Sigatoka, have been urged to ‘initiate the crucial dialogue’ regarding the country’s constitution.

Opening the convention, Defense Minister Pio Tikoduadua echoed aspects of his New Year’s message highlighting the need for ‘mature’ discussion about the 2013 Constitution, urging a responsible and visionary approach.

His argument centred on the idea that “laws and constitutions are not static relics but living instruments” that should reflect current moral, ethical and social values.

“I firmly believe that this esteemed gathering is the ideal platform to initiate this crucial
dialogue. Constitutions, along with the laws they frame, must be dynamic entities, evolving to
mirror the shifting values and will of the society they govern. This principle of adaptability is
not unique to any one nation but is a universal truth in the realm of legal and constitutional
development,” Tikoduadua said.

He called for open-mindedness, respect for diverse viewpoints, and a commitment to democratic principles.

“In this journey of constitutional reflection, let us be guided by the principle that our constitution
should be a living document – one that grows, adapts, and matures as our nation matures. The
task before us is not to change words on paper but to ensure that these words continue to
resonate with and reflect the evolving spirit of our society and our democracy.”

The convention is being held at Shangri La’s Fijian Resort in Sigatoka and ends on Saturday.

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