Increased vaccine uptake in children vaccination program

More than 11,000 children equating to nearly a quarter of the initial 15-17 age group target population have received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine within the first three days of the children’s vaccination program.

On 22 September, 4307 more children received their first jab taking the total number of children who are partially vaccinated to 11,409 since the program began Monday, 20 September.

The initial target population has been set at 45,691 and will be revised based on ongoing verification of the eligible age group.

The kids’ vaccination count is not tallied with the adults’ whose vaccination coverage stands at 589,830 for first dose and 412,897 for second dose, equating to 95.4% and 66.8% respectively when compared against the revised adult population target at 618,173.

Children aged up to 19 years accounted for nearly 17 per cent of total coronavirus infections in Fiji.

Photo: Ministry of Health

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