Increase in Teenage Pregnancies Among iTaukei

Fiji’s Ministry of Health reported the prevalence of teenage pregnancies, particularly among the iTaukei community over a three-year period (2018 – 2021).

According to data from the ministry’s Health Information Unit (HIU), out of 1,279 pregnant teenagers aged 19 and below, 83% (1,057) were of iTaukei descent, 178 were Fijians of Indian descent, and 44 belonged to other races.

The majority of the pregnant iTaukei teenagers were from the Central Division (636), followed by 350 in the West, 60 in the North, and 11 in the Eastern Division.

Fiji’s Minister for Health & Medical Services, Dr Atonio Rabici Lalabalavu, said the statistics underscore the need for everyone to work together including the government and the community to address these social issues, likewise the increase in HIV/AIDS cases in the country.

Photo: Image by DCStudio on Freepik

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