Home-based learning continues as schools remain closed: Education

Primary and secondary school students including those in year 13 will continue homeschooling using resources provided by their teachers as schools remain closed indefinitely nationwide.

Minister for Education Premila Kumar says that they are in discussion with the Ministry of Health to identify safe options for those in their final year of high school studies.

“It is important that they continue to learn from home for their own safety and well-being as the number of active COVID-19 cases remains high. Children are vulnerable to coronavirus infections and transmissions. It is important that we protect them and for now, they are safest at home. Several countries have been experimenting with opening schools prematurely, only to close them again because of large transmissions.  We do not want to be faced with a similar situation here in Fiji.

“The ministry is looking at the option of a four Term school next year, where the first Term can be used to catch up and revise complex/difficult concepts and topics. This will allow students to catch up on the learning they missed this year. The ministry will continue to work with the MOHMS and relevant stakeholders to monitor the daily COVID-19 situation in Fiji and review the safest possible option relating to school re-opening.”

Parents are advised to support their children as they learn remotely, in particular with their time management. It may be prudent to draw up a study routine for the children to help them adapt to virtual learning.

In the meantime, all students aged 18 and above are advised to get fully vaccinated. Those aged between 12 and 17 years are likely to receive the Pfizer vaccine, the rollout of which will be made in due course.

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