High school language projects cancelled

SENIOR students do not have to produce Year 12 and Year 13 language projects, which is normally a required  component of their final external examination grade. 

Instead, their examination marks for English, Vosa Vaka Viti, Rotuman, Hindi and Urdu will form 100 per cent of their final grade.

A circular from the Ministry of Education, signed by Acting Permanent Secretary Susan Kiran was sent to all Divisional Educational Officers and heads of schools on March 31 to announce the decision.

Senior educational officials explained the directive would reduce student movement given the projects would normally require students to meet people as they conduct surveys.

“Year 12 and 13 teachesr can still guide studens and teach research skills using the guide: ‘Fundamentals of Research: The Fiji Context – A Guide for use in Fiji secondary schools’ Revised Edition 2016,” the circular said.

Teachers can access materials on the Ministry of Education website http://www.education.gov.fj

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