Health workers plead with public to heed advise

Aalisha SahuKhan

LISTEN to the advice we give you and please stay home; a plea from health care workers at the front line of the COVID19 response echoed for all Fijians last night.

Speaking at the Prime Ministers March 29th COVID19 update, the Head of Health Protection, Dr. Aalisha SahuKhan asked that Fijians listen.

“The way that we come through this is together and all of us healthcare workers including myself and honourable minister of health and medical services who are representing thousands of the country’s health care workers, we are asking you: please, listen!” Dr. SahuKham said.

“Please listen to what I’m saying. Please listen to the advice that we are giving because it does make a difference.”

Dr. Aalisha SahuKhan

Over 300 test samples have since been tested at the Fiji Centre for Disease Control in Tamavua.

Thousands of health workers and civil servants have been dispatched to the front line and into rural communities as part of government response to the health crisis.

While 32 clinics have opened up nationwide, doctors from the Central/Eastern division have been sent to areas normally under the Lautoka Subdivisional Hospital mandate. (Find a Fever Clinic)

“This disease has led some of the wealthiest nations to take unprecedented measures, essentially shutting down their societies once they realised that they were losing control, that numbers of cases were overwhelming their health system’s and they could not cope. The ministry of health and medical centres and all of the government is working very hard to make sure we don’t reach that point.”

Dr SahuKhan said workers in public health were busy finding and isolating contacts of infected people everyday with the help of police and the Fiji army.

“While our colleagues in the hospitals are treating cases and preparing, getting ready, bracing while keeping an eye on what’s going on in hospitals around the world.”

“But most important, all of us, all of us healthcare workers are pleading with the public. Please listen, our health care system alone cannot stop this disease. No country’s health system can.”

Nadi Isolation Unit Staff
Staff of the Nadi COVID19 Isolation Unit. Picture: Dr. Sai Bulatale (Twitter)
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