Government support for Melanesian Community Applauded: Bia

Opposition MP Aliki Bia has acknowledged and commended the Budget announcement by the Coalition Government particularly the allocation to Melanesians communities in Fiji.

Responding to the budget address, Bia said recognizing the contribution of the Melansian communities in Fiji was the step in the right direction for Fiji.

“On behalf of all the Melanesian Communities around Fiji, I would like to thank government as well for approving the celebration of a Melanesian Day that will be held in Suva later this year, and this has never been done before.”

“I thank the Honorable Minister for Itaukei Affairs for again confirming that to fellow Melanesian Community members in Navutu, Lautoka over the weekend.”

Bia described this announcement as a ‘new lease of life’ for the people of Melanesian descent who have come to call Fiji their home.

“This is a start towards the right direction and certainly brings a new lease of life to us Melanesians as we continue to cry for justice and equality towards all Melanesian Decedents living in Fiji.”

Debate for the Budget continues in Parliament continues today.

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