Government calls on farmers to use healthy manure

organic bacterium culture

Farmers must try to use healthier fertilizers, the Government says as it launched a new a organic bacterium culture which it will provide to help them make their own organics manure.

While launching the Organic Bacterium Fertilizer produced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Mahendra Reddy told farmers that chemicals threaten human health and the environment.

The minister gave the advise to farmers of Naduru settlement in Nausori during a talanoa.

Minister Reddy said organic fertilizers were kinder and gentler as he listed benefits which include;

  • Slow release and long lasting;
  • Nutrients are in complex molecules and more resistant to rain;
  • Less likely to burn the roots of seedlings;
  • Enhance soil health by nurturing the soil

Organic Bacterium Culture will be provided to farmers after they have first practiced composting.

Ministry of Agriculture staff will then supply the bacterium culture and provide training on how it will be used to produce fertilizer.

According to the ministry, short term crops are crucial at this time not only for household consumption but also for profit.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has informed the farmers about plans to establish a seed bank at its research.

Dr. Reddy told farmers his ministry, which include the Waterways portfolio  is working to address some issues commonly faced  by farmers such as poor drainage.

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