GCC sets new lease payment allocation

The turaga iTaukei will receive 3% of lease payments, turaga yavusa allocated 5% and the turaga mataqali is set to receive the highest proportion at 7%, the Great Council of Chiefs endorsed during their meeting in Bau this week.

Permanent Secretary iTaukei Affairs Pita Tagicakirewa said the revised lease payment policy proposed by the GCC, which marks a reduction from the previous formula, combines elements from the previous and the current policies.

“It is 3, 5, 7. It’s 3% for the Liuliu Itaukei, 5% for Liuli ni Yavusa and 7% for the Liuliu mataqali. The previous formula was 5, 10 and 15. The remainder will be distributed equally amongst the mataqali members as is the current formula,” he said.

“It is a combination of the old, at a reduced rate, while recognising the equal lease distribution that is going on now. As the minister explained, all these papers will be referred to cabinet for a final decision.”

Under the existing policy, introduced by the FijiFirst Government in 2011, lease payments are evenly distributed among all landowning units. Prior to that, the payment policy established in 1984 designated 5%, 10%, and 15% for the turaga iTaukei, turaga yavusa, and turaga mataqali, respectively.

The lease distribution policy was discussed during the 2-day GCC, the country’s first since it was disestablished by the FijiFirst Government in 2012. It concluded yesterday, Thursday, May 25.

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