GCC Not Only For Indigenous: Fiji PM Rabuka

The Great Council of Chiefs is not only for the indigenous people but is for all who call Fiji their home, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka said while opening the meeting at Pacific Harbour today.

Addressing high chiefs of Fiji on day one of the convening at the Lagoon Resort, Rabuka said it was time to change the thinking that only the iTaukei will benefit from the august body.

“You are the chiefs of all the people of Fiji. This is a foundation of unity for our country, for all peoples,” Rabuka said.

“As chiefs, you have a duty that goes beyond tradition and culture because you are the chiefs of all and you are going to chart the way forward for all of us.”

Rabuka called on unity as Fiji battled her way through.

“Let us the people of Fiji rally behind the GCC because this is our hope for the future, for the Fiji of the future.”

Speaking to chiefs from 13 of the 14 provinces and Rotuma, Rabuka said that the survival of the GCC through the 16 years of the Fiji First party’s rule is a testament to the will of the chiefs and their people to protect the things that matter.

“Our past has not died, it was just buried. The GCC overcame everything that was thrown their way when there seemed to be no way because there will always be sceptics on this journey.”

The meeting which features representatives from all provinces except Namosi, who have chosen to sit out of the meeting, will be held over two days.

Photo: Fiji Government

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