FRU agrees to allowance increase as Flying Fijians apply pressure

The FRU has agreed to an allowance increase for Flying Fijians, after pressure from senior players.

FRU Interim Administrator Simione Vakenitabua had to make an urgent flight to Taveuni last Friday to resolve player welfare issues that could have seriously derailed World Cup preparations.

Sources tell Mai TV that some players had indicated their intent to boycott and walk out of the team today if player allowances were not increased from $300 to $500 a day.

The FRU made a presentation to show the financial state of the union and negotiate a manageable increase but the players were adamant that this has gone on for too long and needed to be immediately fixed.

Valenitabua confirmed that he met the players in Taveuni on Friday, and said the issues were related to long standing concerns regarding player welfare that has now been addressed.

He said the FRU has agreed to an allowance increase, but the amount agreed to is confidential between the players and the FRU.

Reliable sources tell Mai TV the FRU was caught between “a rock and a hard place” and while there was concern from some trustees, they have agreed to the $500 per day allowance sought by the players.

The meeting was tense at times but concluded amicably and preparations for the World Cup remains on track.

Photo Source: Fiji Rugby

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