Football’s ‘Olympic Torch’ Arrives In Fiji

The Ball, known as “Football’s Olympic Torch” is in Fiji this week en route to Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand where the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will begin on July 20.

In Fiji, Spirit of Football which is accompanying The Ball in its tours is collaborating with Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area (FLMMA) to run workshops on fair play, gender equality, and climate change in fishing communities and schools.

“We aim too, with the help of the Fijian Football Association, to explore how football is playing its part to help make a positive social difference in Fijian society and also how it can do even more,” Spirit of Football said in a statement.

The Ball with the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area:
8 June – World Ocean Day at a school workshop in a village near Suva
14 June – Workshop with Youth in Tavua Village
15-16 June – Workshop with women in the fishing industry in Nasama Village in Sigatoka

The Ball with the Fiji Football Association
9 June – The Ball will be presented at the FFA Congress in Suva
9-18 June – The Ball at the 2023 Digicel FA Cup Tournament in Suva

The Ball has already traveled through Southeast Asia and will continue to Kiribati before reaching New Zealand and Australia for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Since 2002, The Ball has gathered almost 60,000 signatures worldwide, with nearly 9,000 individuals pledging to take action for gender equality and climate change in their communities.

Photo Courtesy of: The Ball

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