FMA concerned over lack of access to foreign dignitaries

The Fijian Media Association has expressed concerns about foreign dignitaries who visit the country but do not allow for time to take questions or have a discussion with local and international media.

We feel it is important that given the great public and strategic interest in these visits that time is allocated for visiting leaders and our leaders to take questions and discuss issues related to our partnerships.

It is concerning that in the current visit by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, to Fiji, the Fijian and international media were restricted from asking questions and only provided a briefing.

This is not limited to China. When the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, visited Fiji in February this year, only one media organisation in Fiji was chosen to ask one single question during his entire visit.

As such, the FMA commends Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong for providing access to the media, taking questions from every media and even arranging for a doorstop opportunity during her visit to Fiji last week.

Leaders at this level should be ready to take and answer questions from the media, facilitate access and provide opportunities and space to do so.

Source: FMA Press Release

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