Filming is underway for Season 2 of The Pulse

The production team of Mai TV’s The Pulse has been filming across Fiji and is also on track to showcasing more of the country’s tourism attractions in the show’s travel segment.

In its second season, The Pulse is the brainchild of Mai TV producer, Andhy Blake.

The 30-minute show has revamped its segments from season 1 and will introduce brand new features when the second season begins airing in September.

“The show is centered on Fiji, our beautiful landscapes, islands, culture, people, music and food. It is a good half hour entertainment show that promotes everything local,” said Blake.

The travel segment from the show’s season 1 can also be viewed on Fiji Airways in-flight entertainment channel. Fiji Airways together with its subsidiary, Fiji Link are travel partners of the show.

The Pulse with Andhy Blake is one of the many local shows on the Mai TV channel. Mai Perfect Bake with Jacquee Speight, Buturara kei Ko with Koli Vuacati, Tali Magimagi with Aliki Bia and Simpson at 8 with Stanley Simpson are also some of the popular shows on the channel.

Sponsors for the show’s second season will be announced in the next couple of weeks and will air across Mai TV from September.

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