Fiji’s Land Transport Authority Gets Tough on Reckless Drivers

Fiji’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is cracking down on public service vehicle (PSV) drivers who flout road safety rules.

Plans are in place to introduce Provisional 1 (P1) and Provisional 2 (P2) categories for provisional drivers and closely monitor the progression from one Driver License (DL) class to another.

This comes in response to a surge in road accidents, including one in Suva’s CBD yesterday involving a 23-year-old woman.

“As mentioned by Honourable Minister for Transport Ro Filipe Tuisawau in Parliament in September, the LTA is lobbying for an increase in traffic fines and introduction of demerit points to be issued by the LTA as a deterrent to the alarming spike in road fatalities,” Rokosawa said. “It is unfortunate that some drivers continue to disregard road safety rules and as we’ve seen with the recent fatalities, the impact is devastating.”

The LTA aims to increase road safety awareness, conduct vehicle inspections, and target high-risk areas for safety-related offenses. Community outreach, public campaigns, and consultations will be part of their efforts to enhance road safety in Fiji.

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