Fiji’s Attorney General Appointment Sparks Objection, Legal Challenge Concerns

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Fiji’s Office of the Prime Minister is expected to release a statement in response to opposition from various quarters, including the Fiji Law Society and the FijiFirst Opposition party who have expressed their objections to the appointment of Filimoni Vosarogo as the new Attorney General and called on the government to rescind the appointment.

The appointment was a result of a recent cabinet reshuffle by the Fiji Government, which came into effect today. The reshuffle the Fiji Government said was “intended to enhance governance, improve policy coordination, and further improve service delivery to the people of Fiji.”

In a statement, both the Fiji Law Society (FLS) and the FijiFirst party have pointed out that Filimoni Vosarogo’s appointment as the Attorney General does not align with the criteria outlined in section 96(2)(b) of the 2013 Constitution. This section specifies the requirements for assuming the position, including a minimum of 15 years of post-admission experience, and not being found guilty by the Independent Legal Services Commission. Vosarogo’s appointment, they stated, does not meet these criteria since he has been found guilty by the ILSC on at least one occasion.

The FLS has advised the Prime Minister to reconsider this appointment, and they have even hinted at the possibility of taking legal action if the Fiji Government does not rectify the situation, insisting that the Attorney General must meet these criteria.

As a consequence of Vosarogo’s appointment as Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Siromi Turaga, the previous officeholder, has moved to oversee the Lands and Mineral Resources portfolios, which were previously held by Vosarogo. Other changes include Ifereimi Vasu, the former Minister for iTaukei Affairs, swapping roles with previous Minister for Education Aseri Radrodro.

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