Fiji’s 2022 elections voters’ tally surpasses 2018 listing

As of June end of this year, Fiji’s total registered voters amount to nearly 8 percent more than those registered for the country’s previous elections in 2018.

Data provided by the Fijian Elections Office show that the total registered voters for the 2022 general elections, as of 30 June end, stood at 686,076, prior to a verification exercise that was carried out last month.

After a verification and cleansing exercise in July, which involved the Turaga-Ni-Koro and district advisory councilors sifting through the voter list before it was compared against the latest Births, Deaths, and Marriages (BDM) record, the FEO removed 7,912 voters who had died.

Since then, the FEO has recorded more than 600 new voters, the majority of whom were captured during the latest nationwide voter registration on its fourth day going.

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