Fijiana Seek Olympic Qualification, Amidst Stiff Competition from Ireland, Great Britain

The Fijiana 7s team must finish ahead of Great Britain and two places above Ireland at the Toulouse 7s tournament, which starts tomorrow, to automatically qualify for the Paris Olympics next year.

Already assured of their places at Paris 2024 are the Black Ferns 7s, France, Australia, and the USA. The remaining spot will be contested this weekend between the Fijiana, currently with 62 points, Ireland with 64 points, and Great Britain with 60 points.

In the group stage of the Toulouse tournament, the Fijiana 7s are in Pool C alongside Spain, Japan, and Great Britain. Their campaign kicks off tomorrow (Fiji Time) against Spain at 8pm, followed by Japan at 1:30am on Saturday. They conclude their pool proceedings against Great Britain at 7:37pm on Saturday.

Ireland, on the other hand, compete in Pool B against Australia, France, and Ireland. Pool A consists of New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and Poland.

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Black Ferns 7s are on the verge of clinching the series title, their first since 2020. With five tournament victories out of six this season, the Black Ferns currently top the table standings, and require only a quarter-final qualification this weekend.

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Photo: World Rugby 7s

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