Fijian Elections Office is ready: Saneem

The Fijian Elections Office is ready for the general election, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem told political parties during a meeting in Suva today.

Mr Saneem told the parties that the FEO had successfully completed all processes that needed to be done “in order to get the general election preparations on par and to prepare the country for a general election.”

The SOE and the parties are meeting again after a year. They had met in September 2021 where the SOE provided political parties with a calendar of activities and processes that the FEO needed to carry out as part of preparations for the 2022 general election.

“Today, we have taken this opportunity to reconcile those projections and dates and give political parties a comprehensive outline of the actual processes and the dates and times it has taken place to signify the readiness for the general election,” Mr Saneem said.

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