Fijian Elections launches 2022 polls candidates’ manual

The Fijian Elections Office today launched the National Candidates handbook that comprises amongst others the 2022 General Elections process particularly those relevant to candidates including the do’s and don’ts during the election campaign period which opens from midnight today.

Each of the eight political parties will get 10 printed copies of the handbook, and are advised that soft copies are also available from the Fijian Elections Office website.

“The handbook is to assist candidates in preparing for the election,” Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said.

“Candidates can of course get an independent legal opinion on various election rules and processes, however, the handbook is designed to give them some broad understanding of how the actual process works.”

The FEO website also hosts a complaints portal (which also went live today) where voters and political parties can lodge election-related complaints.

The complaints portal which is accessible via will also show the progress of the complaint.

Meanwhile, the election campaign period ends two days before the day of the election.

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