Fijian Drua Move Closer to 100% Renewable Energy With Island Solar Installation

The Fijian Drua has moved a step closer toward 100% renewable energy with the installation of a 30kW solar system and 30kWh battery storage at their Nadi facility.

Sponsored by Sungrow Australia and installed by Island Solar (Fiji) Ltd, the project not only reduces the Drua’s carbon footprint and operational costs but also ensures the system’s capability to operate off the grid during power outages, allowing for continuity in training and operations for players and staff.

Eddy May, co-founder of Island Solar (Fiji) says the new system ticks a lot of boxes not only for the Drua but also Fiji. “The new solar system will provide the Fijian Drua with reliable, clean energy, reducing their carbon footprint and operational costs. This installation aligns with Island Solar (Fiji) Ltd’s commitment to fostering renewable energy adoption across Fiji and contributing to the community’s overall well-being,” says May. “The latest technology in hybrid inverters and battery storage have been kindly sponsored by our product and technology partners, Sungrow Australia.”

Mark Evans, CEO of the Fijian Drua, expressed gratitude for the sponsorship, adding that the solar system will inspire players and the community to embrace renewable energy.

“This support is invaluable as we continue to grow and excel in our sport. This also means that our amazing athletes and Drua staff can continue to work and train through a power outage using the solar and batteries that can operate off the grid. We’re excited to work with Island Solar to amplify the benefits of moving to solar energy for homes and businesses.”

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