Fijian Drua introduce new ticketing system for Fiji home matches

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua has partnered with a leading New Zealand company to introduce a brand new ticketing system that will allow fans to purchase match tickets and other products easily right through their phones on the Club’s website.

In a first for Fiji, the new ticketing system will allow fans to purchase reserved Platinum or Gold seats at both Churchill Park and HFC Bank Stadium.

They can also purchase season memberships and even hospitality from the Drua website. The Club has also increased its distribution for the sale of physical tickets, with fans now able to purchase tickets from 17 Jacks of Fiji outlets across Fiji, as well as at Fiji Sports Council and Lautoka City Council. 

Fijian Drua CEO Mark Evans welcomed this new partnership which enables Fiji’s first fully-fledged online ticketing system at the two major sporting venues: “We’ve been working on this ticketing solution for a while now, with the objective of making it as easy as possible for our fans to get access to seats of their choice. And we’re delighted to welcome our Drua vuvale Flicket, who have worked hard with our team to make this happen. Like us, Flicket is young, innovative, and flexible. They were extremely eager to help us introduce Fiji’s first digital ticketing system for Suva and Lautoka. We are thrilled that fans will now simply head to our website, choose seats and zones that they want, and complete the purchase using M-Paisa, a credit card, or a debit card.”

“This saves fans the hassle of what they had to experience in the past. Previously, fans had to wait for ticket books to be released at different locations, spend time to line up, and pay for a physical ticket. There was no way to reserve your seat previously, nor did they have the ability to buy tickets for more than one match at a time. All that changes now with our Drua-Flicket ticket system.”

Evans added that fans who still prefer to go to a location to buy physical tickets can still do so, with more distribution points now available, including the Jacks of Fiji store in Labasa.

Ben Calvert, Flicket CEO, added: “The team at Flicket is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the Fijian Drua, Fiji Sports Council, and Lautoka City Council in this historic partnership. Being the first company in the world to offer a truly digital ticketing solution in Fiji, a nation of avid rugby fans, is an honour and something our entire team is looking forward to delivering. It is great to be providing a custom payment solution thanks to the work that has taken place with Vodafone’s M-Paisa, while still providing practical solutions via the Jacks of Fiji network to ensure tickets are accessible to all.”

Source: Fijian Drua Press Release

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