Fiji Tourism Convention to Take Place in September; Tourist Arrival Continue to Rise

The Fiji Tourism Convention will be revived again after a lapse of many years as a way of involving stakeholders in Government’s projects and planning for the continued development of the industry.

Speaking at the opening of Fiji’s National Sustainable Tourism Framework in Suva, Tourism Minister Viliame Gavoka said a meeting such as the Convention will draw together many who have the future of Fiji tourism at heart.

“I am pleased to announce that the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation will spearhead a new law; to streamline the regulatory environment and take away what we no longer need and we will introduce, with your support, tourism standards that focus more on incentivizing rather than penalizing.”

“On the 26 and 27th September, we will reconvene the Fiji Tourism Convention to keep everyone a part of our decisions. These actions or strategies will be critical to realizing our vision. But we, as Government, cannot achieve them on our own.”

Gavoka said that tourism in Fiji continues to grow and there continues to be record growth of tourist arrivals.

‘Not only did we break visitor arrival record, but the tourism sector contributed an estimated $3.2 billion to the Fijian economy.  In fact in last month, we received 82,901 visitors.

May was a record and a significant increase of 10.3 percent compared to a year earlier. And an increase of 7.3 percent compared to April 2024.”

“At the rate at which we are growing, we could be seeing $4.2 billion in 4 years. We broke record with key markets, our national airline opened new routes, hotels reported near full occupancy, investments are breaking ground. This is why we need to nurture the industry to its full potential so that we, and the generation to come, reap its benefits.”

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