Fiji Suva musicians receive $10k funds

The Fiji Suva Musicians club was provided a leg up by fellow Pacific Island musicians and Chinese national residing in Wuhan, China with provision of $10,000 funds.

The funds were raised via a project called Yellow Crane For Hibiscus Fundraiser for Fijian Musicians that was initiated by Tongan national Sosefo Fatai, whose sister Fonoleni Curr, the wife of NZ High Commissioner to Fiji Jonathan Curr handed over the funds to the musicians.

Fijian musician popularly known as the “Vude Queen” Laisa Vulakoro expressed gratitude to Fatai and the donors that will go a long way in helping local artists keep their art and passion alive.

“I’m always grateful to those who always support grassroots lives and I’m thankful to Sosefo Fatai for supporting the struggling musicians in Fiji,” Vulakoro said.

“There are different stories in the music industry in Fiji and we are always thankful to those who always appreciate our music and talent.”

Waisiliva Baleidrokadroka, President of Fiji Suva Musicians club received the funds on behalf of the club.

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