Fiji SODELPA Party Adds Constituency for Indentured Laborers’ Descendants And Other Ethnicities

Fiji’s SODELPA party held its annual general meeting in Suva and passed several motions including the inclusion of a constituency for descendants of indentured laborers and other ethnicities “who call Fiji home”.

Party General Secretary Viliame Takayawa described it as one “the biggest plus” of outcomes endorsed at the AGM that was held at the FTA Hall this afternoon.

He said the inclusion of the constituency will enhance the party’s multiracial representation, and broaden the party’s reach and create a more diverse representation within its ranks.

“We are a multiracial party in terms of our Constitution, but we needed this to happen to ensure it is a truly multiracial party,” Takayawa said.

The other motion is to support the Monasavu landowners in their efforts to grow the money they receive from the Electricity Fiji Limited (EFL) in order to prevent it from depleting.

The party also discussed allowing constituencies to fundraise to assist in paying their debts. Overall, the party aims to reduce its debt by the end of the year and welcomed provisions in the budget, including key policies in their 2022 General Election manifesto one of which is the write-off ofl TELS debt, and increased allocation for the Ministry of ITaukei Affairs.

The AGM was delayed from the previous week due to a lack of quorum.

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